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Agree to Disagree: Helping You Resolve Business Disputes

August 6, 2021

Compromise can be a key ingredient for a successful business, but sometimes that isn’t possible. Disputes can happen, making legal preparation and representation a necessity. From partnerships to contracts, we’re here to help you avoid and resolve business disputes with the most amicable solution.

Avoiding Partnership Disputes

The most efficient way to avoid any type of business dispute is by hiring an attorney in advance. When it comes to partnerships, teaming up with a friend can be a great way to start a business, but disagreements can even happen with someone you know and trust. With some upfront effort, partnership disputes can usually be avoided by having a written agreement in place.We can help you create a document that establishes each person's:

  • Role and level of control
  • Duties and obligations
  • Capital contributions
  • Compensation
  • Ability to terminate the partnership

A created agreement will address all the above and more in as much detail as possible, including a set procedure for how to resolve unforeseen results not included in the document.

Avoiding Contract Disputes

Sometimes, the written agreements you have in place are the actual focus of your disputes. Consulting our attorneys for help with a contract is the best way to protect your business because:

  • A contract written or reviewed by an attorney is easier to enforce in court
  • Our attorneys can help you save money, achieving better contract terms
  • A contract written or reviewed by our attorneys will be complete, avoiding loopholes and circumstances beyond your control

Achieving the Best Results

If you are past the planning stage, we will represent you to ensure the dispute ends with your best interests in mind. We will always do everything in our power to recommend and help you seek an amicable resolution. But if that isn’t possible, we will take an aggressive approach to civil litigation to ensure you get everything to which you are entitled. Contact us today to ensure that your interests remain protected, no matter what.

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