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Multi-Vehicle Accidents: Who is Liable?

April 25, 2022

Car crashes are one of the scariest possible consequences of driving on the open road. Accidents like these become much more frightening when multiple cars are involved. Not only could you seriously injure yourself or others in a wreck, but discovering who is at fault and dealing with insurance can be a headache of its own, especially if more than two vehicles were involved. In this blog, we explain how liability for personal injuries sustained in multi-vehicle accidents is determined, and what evidence you might need to seek damages in such a scenario.

Determining Liability

To make any successful personal injury claim (either through an insurance claim or a lawsuit), you usually need to be able to prove that the person you’re making a claim against was negligent. That means they breached a legal duty owed to you, leading to the accident and your injuries.When more than two cars are involved in an accident, determining who is responsible for the crash can prove to be a tall order. Tailgating, speeding, impairment or distraction are all complicating factors that could impact who is at fault. In many cases, the driver who made the choice that ultimately led to the accident is the one found liable.If the crash occurred in Massachusetts, the fault can be shared by all who were involved. Under the state’s comparative negligence system, victims can receive compensation for their injuries even if they share some blame for the crash, as long as they aren’t 51 percent or more at fault. If a victim’s share of responsibility does not exceed this threshold, but they still are somewhat at fault, they can receive compensation at a reduced rate.

What You Need to Prove Injury

If you were in a multiple-car accident and are making a personal injury claim, hiring an experienced personal injury lawyer is key to a successful outcome. But what evidence should you provide to prove the negligence of others on the road?Not everyone has dash cameras installed in their car, but if you do, video evidence is extremely useful in determining fault. Photographs of the scene of the crash as well as a police report that documents the circumstances and cause of an accident are also useful in proving negligence. Make sure to have all records of medical treatment associated with your injury—and if you missed work due to the crash, provide documentation of this to support a potential lost wages claim.

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